ILL Fortune is an independent Hip Hop Artist/ Producer from Minnesota.
He has a history of being an avid underground Hip Hop head, advocating keeping music authentic, raw, and gritty.
Amongst his early influences lie Eminem, Necro, and ICP, not just for their music, but their business models.
Striving to be unique, ILL Fortune has developed his own sound that catches listeners' attention with a filterless vocabulary- giving them a "what will he say next" type of mindset.

"The catcher in the rye of rap music." - A Podcast With Mo

ILL Fortune began making music in 2009 at the age of 14. Nowadays, he is 100% self-produced in every facet, from making his beats, writing, recording, and mixing his music, to creating his cover art and graphics. These skills combined have allowed him the advantage of releasing music more consistent than other artists while having full creative control over every aspect. 


"It’s nice to see another track from someone who does their own beats and does their own lyrics-the fact that he’s doing all his own work really ties into the message of the song – success – don’t get in the way." -NastyTrax

ILL Fortune's most recent success is in his beat production. He runs an online store on his website selling Hip Hop beats to other artists around the world. His biggest win to date in regards to his beats is placing a record on the Winter X-Games in 2018, which aired on national television.  He's also placed records with big artists like Pacewon, and E3 (Eazy E's son.) One of ILL Fortune's highlight performances was at Team Back Pack Mission Underground in Los Angeles. 

ILL Fortune has released several albums, his latest being "Fables of the Unstable"- A horror-themed concept album, complete with skits to accompany the haunting 80s/90s vibes. Currently, ILL Fortune is working on his next major album "The Toxic Offender"- Set to drop October 16, 2021. The project is a spoof of the classic 80's Horror Comedy, "The Toxic Avenger." Fans can expect to hear ILL Fortune at his grimiest with this soon to be underground classic! 

"Instead of getting regular goosebumps, my ball hair raised!" -The Juggalo Vlog

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If you have specific questions regarding leasing exclusive beats, booking, collabs etc.. email me and I'll respond at the earliest convenience.


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